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Attic Mold in White Lake, MI

We were called into our customers home do to a heavy mold odor, very noticeable in the upstairs of the home. After our attic inspection we definitely found mold on the sheathing boards and trusses but we also found a very hot attic. The intake ventilation was clogged and this attic was unable to breathe properly. We came in and cleaned the attic with Mold X2 and Mold X2 Botanical products. We also cleared all soffit vents and added DuroVent duel baffles to the rafter vents. This attic now is cleaned and healthy.

Attic Cellulose Insulation in Dearborn, MI

This attic had a moisture barrier, underneath was batt insulation. We removed and added TruSoft Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose Insulation in New Boston, MI

Our homeowner was losing a lot of heat and paying to high of a energy bill and wanted his attic looked at. This attic had little to no insulation. We air sealed all wire penetrations and top plate to. Added all new cellulose insulation. Our homeowner is happy with the results. 

Mold & Insulation in Troy, MI

The homeowner explained that he had noticed dark discoloration all over his roof sheathing inside the attic. He had mentioned that his attic was poorly ventilated from the beginning of the build that it needed to be corrected. The symptoms of the problem were high humidity in the attic along with zero airflow. 

Attic has Mold in Troy, MI

We were called out to this home for a Insulation proposal and unannounced to our customer she had mold in her attic, homeowner shocked and wanted this mold cleaned. Our company found a ventilation issue in customers home which was the cause of her mold.  We remediated the mold using product RMR-86 and RMR-141 to remove the stain and mold.  Afterwards we added new baffles after cleaning the soffits of insulation and debris.

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